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Saturday, May 12, 2018

JAY-Z Putting Together New Prince Album for Tidal - After a brief legal battle over the exclusive streaming rights of Prince's catalog, Tidal, and the late music legend's estate have come to a resolution. The result is a full-length album of unreleased music that JAY-Z and Roc Nation are compiling to be streamed on Tidal. According to the press release, the album is slated to drop in 2019 with Tidal having exclusive streaming rights to the project for the first two weeks.

JAY-Z stated (via press release):

“Our only goal is to share Prince’s music with his fans as he wanted, [...] After thoughtful and honest conversation with him, he chose TIDAL as his partner for HITnRUN Phase One and HITnRUN Phase Two, and we will continue to respect and honor Prince’s enduring legacy and wishes with this new collection.”


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